Crock Pot Plain 2Lt

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Fermentation Crock Jar 2L

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How to care for your handcrafted homeware

  • Wash your fermenter with dishwashing liquid. Then rinse with hot water.
  • It is important to eliminate all traces of soap, as this will contaminate and hinder the fermentation process.
  • Your fermenter is dishwasher safe. Remember to rinse after the cycle before use, as dishwasher soap will leave a residue.


Fermenting is an ancient technique, used in many cultures and foods worldwide as a method of food preservation and flavour enhancement. There happen to be very beneficial health advantages to eating fermented foods; some of which include easier digestion, better absorption of nutrients and reduced sensitivity to allergen-prone foods for food allergy sufferers. There are different methods of fermentation. For the purposes of your fermenter, the process of lacto-bacilli fermentation will be used and explained.

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